New England Waste Sustainability Mission

New England Waste: Sustainability Mission

New England Waste is an environmentally conscious business, and our decision making is undertaken with a view to creating a brighter future in our environment.

We know what to do with waste, and what shouldn’t be done with it! This environmentally friendly ethos forms an integral part of our brand values. 

New England Waste is committed to ensuring the sustainability of all operations, and in making the maximum possible contribution to improving the environment through effective waste management and resource recovery practices.

Environmental Management

At New England Waste, we are committed to ensuring the natural environment is preserved. We structure our operations towards optimising our contribution to environmental sustainability through effective waste management and resource recovery practices.

The need to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill is widely recognised throughout Australia and across the globe. We consistently endeavour to innovate and improve our resource recovery processes to ensure landfill waste is minimised – and we encourage our trading partners to take a proactive approach to reducing landfill as well.

We strive to enhance environmental conservation through maintaining a clean, sustainable environment, while minimising our impact, carbon footprint and emissions.

We prioritise the conservation of our natural environment for the enjoyment of future generations and aim for excellence in environmental management.

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New England Waste services the Armidale, Uralla, Glen InnesTenterfieldGuyra and Inverell areas and in between with an extensive range of skip bins, hook bins, septic services and port-a-loos. Family own and operated since 1979 by the Lancaster family, great service, expert solutions and great value are at the heart of New England Waste. See our range here: 

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