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New England Waste Partnership Glen Innes Netball Association

New England Waste is proud to announce that we have renewed our major sponsorship of the Glen Innes Netball Association!

We have enjoyed giving back and supporting the community that supports us and seeing the way sport contributes positively to our region.

Glen Innes Netball Association has been an active club in Glen Innes for over 50 years.  During that time members have remained loyal, developing positive relationships across a range of ages, genders and ancestral backgrounds. Players have been competitive in local and state competitions representing our town with pride. Glen Innes Netball Association is proud to have nurtured and developed many talented athletes from the grassroots level over the duration of years. Netball continues to contribute to the physical and mental health of our local community members.

New England Waste is proud to be supporting an organisation that fosters a healthy, productive and inclusive community and we look forward to supporting the association through their 2022 season!

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