Front view of two 4 wheeled  New England Waste recycling garbage container beside the building dump site and with a close and open black cover, 3D rendered mockup for graphic designers presentations and portfolios.

New England Waste Commingled Recycling Units

New England Waste now offers Commingled Recycling Units for businesses and work sites in Tenterfield, Guyra, Glen Innes, Inverell and surrounds. Commingled Recycling Units are a great way to dispose of papers and cardboard, aluminium,  steel and glass in a single unit which is collected and sorted for recycling. You can be confident that your business is making positive steps to being environmentally friendly.


What happens to your commingled waste on collection?

Your New England Waste specialists will ensure there is no contamination to your commingled recycling unit. The recyclables will then be sent to our local facility for processing. Recyclables will be sorted and then transported to other sites to be turned into new products and materials. 

As a business adding a Commingled Recycling Unit to your site, you can assist this process by ensuring your staff are well trained on what should and shouldn’t be placed in the unit to avoid contamination.

What sizes are New England Waste’s recycling bins offered in?


How to order a New England Waste Commingled Recycling Unit

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About New England Waste

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