How to spring clean your business

Spring Cleaning CheckList

You’ve heard of spring cleaning your home but have you considered applying the same yearly hygiene check to your business?

Many of us spend time “busy working in our business” but not enough time working on our business.

Here’s out top Spring Cleaning Tips for your business.

1) Do a digital clean sweep

Is your progress being held back by old processes? Sometimes we get so stuck in our old ways that we end up literally burning hours on inefficient spreadsheets and laborious manual processes. This means less profit and less time for both business and family. It’s worth considering what digital products you can invest in such as Xero for your accounting and Mailchimp for your customer email communications. With many digital software products integrating with each other, your software may be able to enhance your customer service offering and save you valuable time that you could be working on new business development.

2) Bring it to back to dollars and cents

As the saying goes..success breeds complacency. And complacency when it comes to reviewing your on-going business costs can mean money down the drain. Make a yearly appointment with yourself to check your broadband, phone and electricity contracts to ensure you are getting the best possible deals. If you have software providers or goods suppliers there also may be training you can unlock for free for your staff, meaning more happy campers that feel fulfilled in the workplace.

3) Quite simply…clean

Set aside a working bee hour or day where everyone pitches in to clean workspaces, storerooms, warehouses and sheds. It’s amazing how much junk can accumulate throughout a year taking up valuable space. This process may also uncover items that could be resold or donated. 

4) A bit of separation can be a good thing!

By having both General Waste and Recyclable Bins, and by making a conscious effort to separate your waste before it hits the bins you will likely reduce the amount of General Waste pick ups your business requires. Why is this a good thing? Put simply…a General Waste Bin pick up costs substantially more than a Recyclable. So chucking all of your rubbish including recyclables into the one bin just does not make good business sense..or rather…cents! 

Our tips for getting your new recycling process started:

  • Share the news with your staff – write a sustainability mission and share it with your staff, explain why it’s important for your business to be thinking green, conserving energy and recycling to ensure the planet is in tip-top shape for future generations.
  • Make it easy for your staff to get on board. Provide separate bins inside your office, factory or retail store that allow for easy, on-the-spot waste separation.
  • Provide source separating fact sheets, pinned above your bins so your staff understand how to sort, separate and dispose.

5) Go Paperless

Are you still relying on stale paper processes and documentation? Do a review of everything your team is relying on paper for and consider a switch to digital. Project planning tools like can bring your team together for project planning on BAU communication so consider ditching the paper and streamlining your processes and communication.

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