Skip Bin New England Waste

Wondering what skip is best?

If this is your first time ordering a skip bin – or even if you are a seasoned renovator, it can be difficult determining the best skip size for your needs.

The New England Waste Skip Bin Hire Comparison Chart will help you decide what works for you by comparing our 2, 3, 4 or 6 cubic metre skips to their otto or trailer equivalents.

Want to get the best value out of your skip? Here’s some handy tips:


When packing your skip, it’s best to take the time prior to break up any large, bulky items to maximise your available space and avoid air pockets. Take the legs off furniture and take a part appliances. Big, bulky items placed at the bottom of your skip will only waste space. Start with flat items first and remember to fill up the corners.


Before you plonk that old table into the skip, have a think about posting it on Facebook Marketplace for free or giving it to a friend or family member to “up cycle”. Not only will you maximise your available space in your skip for other junk, you’ll know you’ve contributed to a brighter environment by reducing land waste.

Safety first!

Doing a home renovation, small project or home clean up can be extremely rewarding but remember that a heap of people are injured every year doing DIY, so follow the advice of the professionals and wear protective gear such as gloves, hard toe shoes and long pants such as jeans or work pants.

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